Kiwiwho and Maeva

A universe to sensitize about animal protection

Kiwiworld board game is coming soon. Don’t miss the launch !

We received the protos a few days ago and are all very excited to see this project will be completed in the next few weeks!

Discover the animals that inhabit the planet and save them: this is the mission that awaits the future players of Kiwiworld !

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this adventure with us!

Outstanding animals to discover

Change the world with Kiwiwho and Maeva

Enjoy exclusively the first animated video of our two heroes : Kiwiwho and Maeva!

This video is the first of many to come, we are currently producing a series of cartoons aiming to educate children about environmental protection.

A Universe To Inspire Us About Animal Protection !

Kiwiwho and Maeva will take you to Kiwiworld, a world not too far away, where this 8 year old little girl, passionate about nature, will travel the world to help endangered species like the Giant panda in China, Bison in Europe, Okapi in Africa, the Kiwi Bird in New Zealand and many more.

Luckily she will have the full support of her faithful companion, the bird Kiwiwho. Discovery, travel, humour and inspiration are the key words of this universe that we present to you for all of our Entertainment & Products.