Mediterranean monk seal

Monachus monachus

Mediterranean monk seal’s description

I am renowned for eating more than 530 different species ! It’s what me call a varied diet : fish, shellfish and even seaweed from time to time… I must feed with 15kg per day if I want to sustain my needs.

600 to 700


Very threatened


2 to 3 meters


200 to 300


Where do I live ?

I live in Mediterranea and I am mostly visible in greek islands.

Which threats ?

Between overfishing which prevents me to feed properly, fishing nets which accidentially capture me, man presence on the beaches and maritime traffic, I hardly pull through.

Kiwiwho’s word to save the mediterranean monk seal

To protect me, fishing-free zones have been established next to the reserves where I live. Awareness-raising measures have been taken to teach fishermen that I don’t compete with them, and that they must be careful with their ships and nets.

You too, help us to raise awareness about mediterranean monk seal’s fate !

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