Cartoon Presentation

Along with the adventures of our two young heroes, you’ll find an educational playful cartoon that will inspire children to learn how to protect the worlds nature.

Maeva, an 8 year old little girl, loves animals and wants to preserve nature despite her young age. Passionate about the Maori culture, New-Zealand’s first inhabitants, she’s accompanied by the Island’s National Symbol, the Kiwi. Not to be confused with the same named fruit, the Kiwi is a bird who cannot fly, but that doesn’t mean that this little one has nothing between the ears !

Our heroic duo will take you on a journey across the world to come to the aid of their many animals friends. Visit an amazing Giant Panda in China who is also a chef, and learn a recipe to cook a cake! A water supply issue in America will fly our heroes and its readers to discover the habitat of beavers!

Every cartoon is composed of two stories of about twenty pages each. Whether reading our Comics or watching the TV Series, Kiwiwho and Maeva’s adventures will inspire the youngest children to be aware of the importance to protect our Planet’s endangered species. Once your child starts to read they will be instantly swept away on the amazing adventures of our two heroes and all the animals so lovingly drawn by our artistic director, Philippe Coenen.