Giant panda

Ailuropoda melanoleuca

Giant panda’s description

I mostly feed on bamboos : I may eat up to 10 to 15kg per day ! Henceforth, I spend 12 hours a day eating, and the rest of the time seeking food and sleeping…

1,800 to 1,900




1.5 to 1.80 meter


80 to 125


Where do I live ?

I live in the highland forests in central China, of which I am an emblematic animal !

Which threats ?

With the bamboos quantities that I need, I must have a huge territory. Human activities such as road construction or wood exploitation represent a great danger for my survival.

Kiwiwho’s word to save the giant panda

China does not joke about my conservation : during a long time, chasing me was sanctioned by the death penalty ! Today, this isn’t the case anymore, I mostly live in reserves, but it allowed me to be much more peaceful.

You too, help us to raise awareness about giant panda’s fate !

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