China pangolin

Manis pentadactyla

China pangolin’s description

I am covered with scales from muzzle to tail ! When I am afraid, I curl up like a hedgehog to protect me. Very agile, I can also swim, climb to trees or dig burrows.



Close to extinction


40 to 80


3 kilos


Where do I live ?

My territory extends over several countries, such as China, Bangladesh, Laos or Vietnam.

Which threats ?

With the other 7 species of pangolins, I am the world’s most poached mammal ! According to some NGO’s, more than a million of mine has been killed between 2006 and 2015. In Asia, my meat is a luxury dish and my scales are used by the traditional medecine.

Kiwiwho’s word to save the China pangolin

I am protected in almost every country where I live and I benefit from some protected reserves, but they are poorly monitored. This hasn’t stopped poaching, hunters still track me down.

You too, help us to raise awareness about China pangolin’s fate !

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