TV Show

The TV Show

With red hair and a pretty little face spangled with freckles, and a funny bird with yellow feathering wearing a bandana, say hello to our two heroes, Maeva and her friend Kiwiwho !



This exciting TV series will finally bring our adorable cartoon characters to life! Follow our heroes as we present to you a 52 eleven minute adventure series. Each chapter will introduce you to a new animal facing the risk of extinction. Fly off to America, Africa, Europe and Asia, as we follow the exciting adventures of our heroes Kiwiwho and Maeva trying to save these wonderful animals.


  • Do you know the cry of the kiwi ?
  • Have you ever seen Przewalski horses gallop in the Mongolian steppe ?


All this and more will be possible thanks to the Kiwiwho and Maeva’s TV series ! Discover extraordinary landscapes and the worlds amazing species that have to be saved at all costs from extinction.


Along with the adventures of our two young heroes, you’ll find an educational playful cartoon that will inspire children to learn how to protect the worlds nature.


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