The team

Team presentation

Kiwiworld was born through the alliance of four passionate and creative minds. These four people united to create a fun and educational world to inspire all children about the endangered species of our Planet!

This amazing FrancoBelgium friendship is comprised of Alain Fabi who is the founder of the leatherwork Belgian company Gilance, which he started in 2012 merchandizing his “Kiwiwho Brand”, a line of bags and schoolbags with the symbol of the New-Zealand Kiwi bird. A Father of 3 children who loves cartoons and travel, wanted to find a way to inspire the new generation to the dangers facing our worlds nature, and as a passionate and dedicated Company Director he will strive to be the guiding force to continually provide a continuous flow of exciting products.

The next team member is Patrick Ebstein the Project Sales Manager who is the coordinator of the Project. An avid
horse rider with impeccable taste and style along with great Belgian humour, Patrick makes sure everything is smooth running and on track.

But we haven’t talked yet about the team’s artist and its endangered species specialist.

The next team member is Philippe Coenen our Artistic Director. A distinguished graduate of the Liege Royal Academy of Arts who studied design, is the creator of our heroes Maeva & KiwiWho. Philippe is more than just an accomplished Artist & animator, but also develops software who’s creations can be found at:

Finally our last team member is Jeremy Bourgain, a young Frenchman who is the founder of the internet media, dedicated to the preservation of threatened animals who’s passion in this area is second to none. We are very honoured to have Jérémy and his team handle all of the animal contents of Kiwiworld.

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