Board game

Kiwiwho’s board game presentation

In her room, young Maeva has a very special carpet representing the different continents, which is actually the Kiwiwho’s board game !


Along with the young girl, the players will journey from one continent to another with the aim of rescuing the most endangered animals on the planet ! All the animal cards have the basic information about the species: a drawing, the place on Earth where it can be seen, but also the threats that it must deal with to survive.


To rescue them the players will have to answer many fun filled questions such as :

  • What is the national bird of Uganda ?
  • What does the giant otter like to eat more than anything else?


To help you, several answers will be supplied, some of them a bit silly though. 😉


Naturally the more complicated the questions, the more points will be at stake, which will allow the players to save more endangered animals! But be careful, some of the squares can be full of surprises for our young aspiring explorers, and some could find themselves mimicking a kiwi in no time!


While having fun, each player becomes an eco-actor and becomes fully aware of the worlds biodiversity & protection issues.


The initial game contains: 100 question cards, 60 animals and 30 surprise cards. Refills are available when the children have run out of animals to discover!

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