Kiwiwho and Maeva’s project

Inspiring the youngest for environmental protection!

The Kiwiwho’s Project is very diverse and brings you a whole Universe: The Kiwiworld !

By following Maeva, the little 8 year old girl, who’s so passionate about nature, along with her friend Kiwiwho, a Kiwi Bird which is New-Zealand’s National Symbol, children will be able to discover many animal species that even their Parents didn’t know existed!

The main concept of the Kiwiworld’s different elements, is to inspire children – From 6 years old up– to discover our planet’s incredible biodiversity. Sadly to say the existence of our Planet’s animals are facing serious extinction, and the new generations will have a crucial role in their protection. It’s now up to us to show our love and passion for nature and work hard to contribute to their conservation. With seriousness and humour everyone can gain a world of knowledge from the KiwiWho Project!

But how do we protect something we don’t even know about? Who has even heard about Darwin’s fox? Who knows how to save the Mediterranean monk seals ?

No problem, thanks to the amazing diversity of The KiwiWorld Project, which provides Cartoons, TV Series and an exciting board game, that will provide children with endless fun with Maeva and Kiwiwho, and together learn all about the protection of our precious nature and discover so many new species in our World.

Follow Maeva and KiwiWho on their amazing journey, inspiring the new generation to protect our amazing and endangered biodiversity of our Planet!

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