Japanese crane

Grus japonensis

Japanese crane’s description

I am one of the biggest bird in the world ! My beak is very long and sharp. I use it as a spear to harpoon my food into the swamps deep waters.

About 3 000


Very threatened


2.2 m to 2.4 m wingspan


Between 8 and 9 kg


Where does Japanese crane live ?

My territory extends not only over Japan, but also over Russia, Mongolia, China and both Koreas.

Which threats ?

The marshes where I live are transformed into agricultural lands. Dams, roads and pollution degrade my Aboutment. If all my swamps vanish, I will be unable to breed.

Kiwiwho’s word to save the Japanese crane

Scientists from all over the world studied my migrations, which allowed to establish protected areas. Where I live, hunting me is forbidden. Some wildlife parks took part into reintroduction programs too.

You too, help us to raise awareness about Japanese crane’s fate

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