Ili pika

Ili pika’s description

From far away, one could almost mistake me for a rabbit. Very little things are known about me because I like discretion. I have been discovered in 1983 but only 29 of mine have been observed ever since !

1 000


Very Threatened


20 cm


Up to 250 g


Where do I live ?

I am very difficult to observe ! I can only be found in the north-west of China, between 2800 and 4100 m high.

Which threats ?

Given that we know very little about me, it is hard to know what threatens me. However, we think that global warming and the expansion of grazing lands take a part in my decline as they force me to live higher in the mountains.

Kiwiwho’s word to save the ili pika

Currently, not a single conservation measure concerns me. One should begin with a thorough study of my habitat, my breeding and my general behaviour. Only then would it be possible to establish a conservation plan !

You too, help us to raise awareness about ili pika’s fate !

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