Blue-eyed lemur

Eulemur flavifrons

Blue-eyed lemur’s description

Like men, I am one of the rare primates to have blue eyes. Males are very easy to distinguish from females : the males fur is perfectly black, while the females one is brown-red.

Less than 1000


Close to extinction


About 40 cm


2 kg


Where do I live ?

I live in the tropical forest, in the North-West of Madagascar.

Which threats ?

In Madagascar, deforestation is a major scale phenomenon. It is the main threat weighing on me : Destroying my habitat is not the least, it divides populations and impedes my breeding.

Kiwiwho’s word to save the blue-eyed lemur

Since 2008, I belong to the 25 most endangered primates species in the world. To save me, Deforestation must absolutely be stopped and local populations must be sensitized.

You too, help us to raise awareness about blue-eyed lemur’s fate

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