Balearic shearwater

Puffinus mauretanicus

Balearic shearwater’s description

I gracefully dive under the waves in order to capture my preys : my beak ends with a sharp hook, which doesn’t let any chance to the spotted fish.

20 000


Close to extinction


80 cm wingspan


From 350 to 400 g


Where do I live ?

I nest on the Baleares islands in winter then, in summer, I migrate towards the Atlantic coast, from Portugal to England.

Which threats ?

The main threat weighing on me is the incidental introduction of predators on the islands where I nest, because I can’t breed with their presence. Overfishing must be monitored too: it deprives me from all of my preys.

Kiwiwho’s word to save the balearic shearwater

My breeding sites are protected, deratting campains have already been undertaken and I am the object of several scientific studies. However, it’s not enough : I could go extinct in 40 to 60 years from now.

You too, help us to raise awareness about balearic shearwater’s fate

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