Bos primigenius

Aurochs’s description

One can see me drawn on the prehistoric caves’ walls, as in Lascaux. I look like a big bull. Like them, i had great horns.





3 m long


From 800 to
1000 kg


Where did Auroch live ?

A long time ago, I was very common in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Which threats ?

The last one of us extincted in 1627. The lasts specimens of our specie subsisted only in Poland by then. We’ve been hunted so much that the lasts ones of us were placed under the king’s protection. Unfortunately, the competition with the domesticated livestock and diseases put an end to our specie.

Kiwiwho’s word for the aurochs

Today, if I am lost, one still says that I am the ancester of many bovines, such as the bull or the yak. In 1920, biologists tried to reconstitute my specie selecting animals that were rather close to me. This new specie is called Heck auroch and is visible in Europe.

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