Aurelio’s rock lizard

Iberolacerta aurelioi

Aurelio’s rock lizard’s description

There are 3 endemic lizards in the Pyrenees : The Aran rock lizard, the bonnal’s wall lizard and me. But we never meet. My scales are grey-brown, but my belly is yellow with black spots.



Very threatened


15 cm




Where does Aurelio’s rock lizard live ?

I am only find in altitude, between 2000 and 3000 m, in the Pyrenean mountain chain.

Which threats ?

I am made for the high mountains freshness, thus, I am threatened by global warming but also by livestock which comes to graze on my distribution area and trample on my territory. The ski stations development is also an issue.

How to save me ?

France set up a national plan of action for my protection. It mainly consists in acquiring knowledge about me and sensitizing hikers and skiers who are prone to come across me.

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