Iberian imperial eagle

Iberian imperial eagle’s description

I mainly feed on hares and other small mammals, but one of my specialty is to attack smaller birds when they are on the ground. In order to do that, I fly over my prey and swoop on it in an impressive piqué.

1 000




75 to 84


3 kilos


Where do I live ?

I live in Spain and in Portugal.

Which threats ?

I am one of the rarest bird of prey in the world ! My main threats are poisonning and electrocution because of high-voltage lines. I also suffer from the lack of prey when rabbits are sick.

Kiwiwho’s word to save the iberian imperial eagle

Since 1990, my population rises again. I am even back in Portugal from where I disappeared during 20 years ! All of this thanks to the conservation plan set up for me in 1987, and the increasing number of protected areas.

You too, help us to raise awareness about iberian imperial eagle’s fate !

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