Macrotis lagotis

Bilby’s description

Even if I am a marsupial, my pointy nose earned me the name of “long-nose rat”. I don’t need to drink : the water I find in the seeds, the larvae or the fruits, is enough to hydrate me.

9 000 to
15 000




29 to
55 cm


From 0.8 to
2.5 kg


Where does bilby live ?

I live in the desertic zones in the North-West of Australia.

Which threats ?

Three species introduced in Australia by Europeans provoked my decline : foxes and cats hunt me, while rabbits forced men to put traps and poison everywhere I live.

Kiwiwho’s word to save the bilby

Since 2000, the several successful reintroductions brighten my future. I even became a symbol : In Australia, the Easter rabbit became an Easter bilby, and every year in september, the country celebrates the Bilby’s National day.

You too, help us to raise awareness about bilby’s fate

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