Araripe manakin

Araripe manakin

Araripe manakin’s description

My look depends on me being a male or a female. As a boy, I have a white body, black wings and black tail, and the top of my head is vivid red. As a girl, I am olive green.

Between 600 and 900


Close to extinction


Between 14 and 16 cm


From 15 and
20 gr


Where does Araripe manakin live ?

I am only visible in Brazil.

Which threats ?

I am very sensitive to my habitat disturbances and live in a brazilian region where forest is destroyed to make agricultural lands. Successive forest fires have also destroyed many of my precious nests.

Kiwiwho’s word to save the araripe manakin

In 2003, I became the first brazilian bird to benefit from a national conservation plan of action. In 2014, two reserves have been created for me. Thousands of trees should be planted in these zones to reforest.

You too, help us to raise awareness about araripe manakin’s fate

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