African wild ass

Equus africanus

African wild ass description

I could be the ancester of the domesticated donkey ! I have light grey hair, but my legs are white striped with black. Enduring under the heat, I can survive several days without drinking.

Less than 600


Close to extinction


1.25 to 1.45 m shoulder height


About 250 kg


Where does African wild ass live ?

I mostly live in the burning deserts of Ethiopia and Erythrea.

Which threats ?

I am hunted for my meat and for my bones because these lasts are used in traditional medicine. I am also competing with livestock to access the water points, which affects the females and the newly-borns.

Kiwiwho’s word to save the African wild ass

Several hundred of mine live in zoos across the world, but it’s impossible to reintroduce me in my natural Aboutment. It should begin with sensitizing breeders and local hunters to my protection.

You too, help us to raise awareness about African wild ass’s fate

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